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> Tang Gah Beo 东岳庙 Tang Gah Beo 东岳庙 Tang Gah Beo 东岳庙 Tang Gah Beo 东岳庙

Tang Gah Beo

According to the temple caretaker, Tang Gah Beo (dong yue miao) was founded in the 19th century. However, there was no stele or any artifact to establish the fact, except for a Yun Ban (bronze plate/gong) dated 1959. According to the book 《寻庙 - 新加坡华人庙宇》, the founder was Master Biyu, who came from Kai Yuan Si Temple in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China.
The main god in this temple is East Peak Emperor or Dongyue Da Di. Dongyue is the ancient name for Mount Tai, one of the most "Five Great Mountains" in China. The Taoists regard East Peak Emperor as the highest ranking god responsible for Diyu (Chinese term for underworld or hell).
There is an interesting artefact in the main hall of Tang Gah Beo, a rare wooden plaque that uses 'Tian Yun' as Era Name, instead of the usual sovereign's era name or republic. According to this blog, Tian Yun was used by anti-Qing supporters during the Qing dynasty.

据庙祝所述,东岳庙是在十九世纪创立,但没有石碑或匾額证明。最古老的文物是一面 己亥年(1959年)的云板及一片匾額。据《寻庙 - 新加坡华人庙宇》所述,创庙人是福建漳州开元寺的碧玉法师。

Religious buildings conserved in 2013 受保留建筑物
  Deities 神明
Main Deity 主神/佛
East Peak Emperor (Dongyue Da Di) 东岳大帝Other temples with this as main deity

Other Deities 众神/佛
City God (Cheng Huang Ye) 都府城隍爷
Monkey King 齐天大圣
Madam Zhu Sheng 注生娘娘
Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy/Compassion) 观音
God & Goddess of Marriage 姻缘公与夫人
Zhu Zhong Jun 朱中军
Lord of the South Dipper (Nan Dou Xing Jun) 南斗星君
Lord of the North Dipper (Bei Dou Xing Jun) 北斗星君
Yama King (Yanluo Wang) 阎罗王
Tiger God 虎爷(下坛元帅)
Activities 活动
辛丑(牛)年正月初一日 : 迎新年(除夕夜开始)
Lunar: 1st of 1st mth - Usher in the New Year (start on the Eve)

辛丑(牛)年三月廿七日至三月廿八日 : 东岳大帝圣诞
Lunar: 27th of 3rd mth to 28th of 3rd mth
May - Birthday of East Peak Emperor

辛丑(牛)年七月廿四日 : 城隍爷圣诞
Lunar: 24th of 7th mth - Birthday of City God

  Contact Information 联络资讯
Address: 6 Bukit Purmei, Singapore
Tel: 6221 3872

Operating Hours:
7am to 4:30pm

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